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Bold Capital Management’s intention is to become the seasoned and savvy partner which supports management boards with meaningful recovery and transformational programs.

Our approach is based on an analyse, advice and execute methodology combined with a partner base of seasoned and qualified professionals. We have combined a selected go-to-market sector model with a suite of horizontal service offerings.

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Supply chain improvement : Bold’s fact- and data-based approach

Very often, supply chain issues become apparent in poor customer service levels, with customer complaints, missing or poor forecasts, the wrong or too much stock, inefficient production lines, too many change-overs, inadequate production and/or stock planning, or processes that are too labour-intensive. There often also seems to be a disconnect between the marketing & sales and the operations departments, even though everyone is trying really hard. If this is the case and if, at the same time, there’s a lack of adequate (tactical and operational) management information, it’s time to step aside and review your supply chain from a different, Bolder angle.

Bold Capital Management involved as advisor to Wadinko

Wadinko announced that on 6 October 2017 they acquired a minority stake in Tolsma-Grisnich. Tolsma-Grisnich is a company offering integrated solutions to worldwide customers in the ventilation, cooling, cleaning, transport and sorting of potatoes, onions and carrots based in Emmeloord, The Netherlands. Bold Capital Management acted as financial and tax due diligence advisor to Wadinko during the acquisition.

It's time to rethink your offshore production strategy

For decades now, global manufacturing companies have been moving to the Far East, with China absorbing most of these activities. And the results are clear: approximately 100 million people are employed in manufacturing in China (in the US, the number is around 12 million), and the sector accounts for almost 36 percent of China’s gross domestic product. China accounted for just 3 percent of the world’s manufacturing output in 1990. In April 2016, China produced almost a quarter of the world’s manufacturing output, including 80 percent of all air conditioners, 71 percent of all mobile phones, and 63 percent of the world’s shoes...

Holiday blues // Scan // Advise // Optimise

Like most of us, you are probably looking forward to a well-deserved holiday. A time away from the office, to spend with family or friends. Whether it is abroad, or within your own country. You probably already made your holiday plans months ago. The anticipation of looking for a destination, and making the booking, is half the fun. As your holiday draws nearer, your mind will begin to wander off with happy holiday thoughts more and more often. When you’re all set to go, you realise that there’s some practicalities you must take care of first.

Should your CFO bother about employee benefits?

Should your CFO, head of tax and general legal counsel bother about employee benefits? “Of course!” will be the most likely response: the CFO should know about the financial impact of the different pension and benefit schemes, the head of tax should know about current and future tax implications and the general legal counsel should know about the structure of such plans, in particular related to disclosure from a compliance and legal perspective.

Aspiring a higher level when cycling a gran fondo (and running a business)

I trust several readers of this blog have heard of gran fondos or cyclo sportives: one-day events where up to 10,000 riders participate in a long-distance bicycling event, in which riders are individually chip-timed and have the right of way at all intersections, typically involving 120-200km with 2,000-4,000m of vertical climbing. Famous gran fondos include the Marmotte, the Maratona dles Dolomites, the Ötztaler Radmarathon, the Eddy Merckx and l’Etape du Tour.