About us
BCM at a glance

BCM has worked for many mid-sized corporates and portfolio companies sponsored by lenders and private equity in the Netherlands. 

BCM clients operate in most cases internationally and have a capital structure which requires constant monitoring and adjusting to be in line with market developments.


The BCM team has a pool of experienced subject matter experts who can contribute on legal, financial, restructuring, data, digital, investments, HR and business support issues.  As part of the network structure of BCM these specialists are used to team up and collaborate to achieve maximum results. All seasoned entrepreneurs and hands-on advisors!


Besides strong analysis and advisory skills, BCM has a strong execution power. We do deliver and take responsibility. Mutiple years of experience at both sides of the table, proven knowledge of family companies, corporates and private equity portfolio companies and working with various stakeholders and shareholders, both in upward and downward movements: getting things done, strong pragmatic solving capacity, no nonsens


BCM has done it before! For various satisfied customers we applied integrated program and project management approaches to solve large-scale challenges (restructuring, post andpre merger, M&A)


  1. Analyse – Advise – Execute’ as modus operandi
  2. Solid (financial) analysis capability
  3. Partners are able to operate in CXO role within client’s organisation
  4. ‘Been there, done that’ (partner) network
  5. (Highly) experienced and trusted advisor for all stakeholders involved


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