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Henk Kleinveld on June 14th

Business Reporting & BI - MS office or BI?

Recently Bold Capital Management supported clients in the (re)setup of their business reporting and dashboards

Gerrit van Munster on December 21st

Introducing New BCM Equity Partners

We are proud to inform you that the Bold Capital Management-team has from a start up in 2013, developed and grown an analyse, advise and execute business proposition into a mature portfolio of Tran...

Martijn Hulshof on November 13th

How Bold Capital Management supported Oerlemans Foods on its journey to sell their business to Virto

Recently Oerlemans Foods, a private equity owned producer and supplier of freshly frozen vegetables and fruit in the Netherlands, announced that they have sold their entire business to Virto Group....

Henk Roerdink on September 21st

BCM involved as advisor to De Hoge Dennen Capital (Eszet Handelsgroep)

Private equity firm De Hoge Dennen acquired a majority stake in Eszet Handelsgroep and Bold Capital Management was involved as advisor

Harold Roelofs on July 3rd

Supply chain improvement: Bold’s fact- and data-based approach

Very often, supply chain issues become apparent in poor customer service levels, with customer complaints, missing or poor forecasts, the wrong or too much stock, inefficient production lines, too ...

Inge Ligthart on June 18th

Outsourcing : opportunity or threat

At a certain point, most companies face the choice of whether or not to outsource their IT, HR or finance processes to a shared service centre (SSC). It’s important to ask several questions before ...

Petra de Wild on April 16th

Women at work - Gender diversity is a mind set

Challenge for the coming years is to improve diversity in companies, their corporate boards and management teams. The big question is why should companies invest their time and resources on such to...

Henk Roerdink on March 12th

Transaction experience used to successfully transform and achieve significant performance improvement

Companies’ increased interest in improving their performance and optimising their cost structures has received significant attention over the recent years of financial crises.

Jeroen van der Neut on March 7th

Comprehensive communication, an essential part of any successful transformation

Comprehensive communication is an essential part of any successful transformation and, as such, I’d like to share some best practices which, in my opinion, will help every executive to ‘get it right’.

Tijs Rokers on December 20th

You don’t need to aim for the gold to be a winner

Google, Spotify, AirBnB, Facebook: all companies that are seen as winners in the current economy and mostly people see them as companies that are top of the bill in the area of data. Which is true,...

Klaas Wagenaar on December 6th

Rethinking restructuring

I am truly flattered to be nominated by the Dutch corporate, banking and private equity stakeholders as one of the six ‘best restructuring advisors’ (as part of the M&A Awards 2017). Last year’s no...

Klaas Wagenaar on August 24th

It's time to rethink your offshore production strategy

For decades now, global manufacturing companies have been moving to the Far East, with China absorbing most of these activities. And the results are clear: approximately 100 million people are empl...

Gerrit van Munster on July 17th

Holiday blues | Scan / Advise / Optimise

Like most of us, you are probably looking forward to a well-deserved holiday. A time away from the office, to spend with family or friends. Whether it is abroad, or within your own country. You pro...

Didier Simons on June 13th

Recent developments in Dutch healthcare sector

The healthcare sector in general and Verpleging Verzorging en Thuiszorg in particular, face enormous financial challenges. The sector organization (Actiz) as well as the banks (NVB) are very concer...

Didier Simons on November 7th

Debtwire Benelux Debt Finance Forum 2016 with Didier Simons partner BCM as panel member

Bold Capital Management Partner Didier Simons acted as panellist at the Debtwire Benelux Debt Finance Forum 2016 in a panel with as topics: “How changes to the Dutch insolvency law will change the ...

Gerrit van Munster on November 30th

Should your CFO bother about employee benefits?

Should your CFO, head of tax and general legal counsel bother about employee benefits? “Of course!” will be the most likely response: the CFO should know about the financial impact of the different...

Klaas Wagenaar on November 30th

Preventing effective customer ownership

Is the number of points of contact in your sales process preventing effective customer ownership?

Klaas Wagenaar on November 8th

What is keeping midsized companies busy these days

This question seems to be cropping up more and more in our conversations with customers and other interested parties. The financial media tends to focus on blue chip companies, almost ignoring mids...

Klaas Wagenaar on March 6th

It's time for management to recognise serious distractions

Eastern Air Lines Flight 401, carrying 163 passengers and 13 crew members, left New York's JFK Airport on Friday, 29 December, 1972 at 9:20 p.m., en route to Miami International Airport. The flight...

Klaas Wagenaar on March 6th

Human Factor as the contributor to value creation

It’s time to embrace the Human Factor as the contributor to value creation, rather than seeing it as a cost or cash-out item! What makes employees different from financial stakeholders? Employees a...

Gerrit van Munster on March 2nd

Aspiring a higher level when cycling a gran fondo (and running a business)

I trust several readers of this blog have heard of gran fondos or cyclo sportives: one-day events where up to 10,000 riders participate in a long-distance bicycling event, in which riders are indiv...

Klaas Wagenaar on February 13th

13-week cash flow forecast key for financial dashboard

It’s time to have a 13-week cash flow forecast as the central instrument on your dashboard! When starting to learn how to pilot an aircraft, it’s all about watching what’s going on outside the cock...

Klaas Wagenaar on December 20th

Put sales back at the top of the CEO agenda

The first signs of a potential economic recovery are emerging in certain early-adapting sectors, and here at Bold Capital Management we are starting to receive more requests for sales optimisation ...

Gerrit van Munster on November 11th

Denkende doeners

Jeroen Piersma en Pim Kakelbeke schreven een lezenswaardig artikel in het FD van 10 oktober jl naar aanleiding van het faillissement van Boer&Croon waar ze ingaan op de noodzaak van verandering van...

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