Introducing New BCM Equity Partners

We are proud to inform you that the Bold Capital Management-team has from a start up in 2013, developed and grown an analyse, advise and execute business proposition into a mature portfolio of Transformation and Transaction services in 2018. By doing so Bold Capital Management has serviced successfully more than 80 customers in the Netherlands and its subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Germany, Eastern Europe and the Nordics and has performed in the last 5 years over 50 Transformation and over 40 Transaction projects. This has been carried out by more than 30 Bold Capital Management professionals and associates

Today Bold Holding consists out of its core engine Bold Capital Management rendering Transformation and Transaction services, supported by Bold Interim Solutions and Bold Digital Solutions. In order to secure the future of Bold Holding and solidify further sustainable growth, we are happy to announce that Henk Roerdink, Didier Simons, Martijn Hulshof and Jeroen van der Neut have decided to join us per January 2019 as equity partner in Bold Holding. We believe that this is an another important step during our the Bold-journey, making sure we are able to maintain and attract talented and experienced professionals who are willing and able to service our customers fully committed andsuccessfully during transformation and transactions programs supported by digitalised solutions. An insight into our philosophy, way of working and DNA can be read in our recent published book ‘Mastering Transformations’.

 Mastering Transformations

More news regarding new hires, innovative new digital services, successful delivered programs and a new in Q2 2019 to be published management book can be followed on our website and social media.

 We wish you on behalf of all Bold Capital Management professionals and associates a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Klaas Wagenaar and Gerrit van Munster

Gerrit van Munster team of professionals
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