Buy side and Financing Support

Is your organisation looking for investment opportunities and to realise synergies post-acquisition? Does your organisation need a thought-through growth strategy? Identifying the right strategy and assets best suitable for your organisation are key drivers to achieve growth and optimise the efficiency in your organisation. You need to fully understand a target's business model, its market trends, (future) cash flows and the organisation’s readiness for growth, amongst many other drivers. More importantly, how can the identified upside opportunities be secured to make the deal justify the investment? Bold Capital Management has the multidisciplinary team to provide you with fact-based insights as well as experienced execution power to realise the synergies identified and achieve the goals set after the deal has been closed. No desk-top exercises, but actual operational experience combined with financial brain power and execution.


How can we support?


  • Buy-side Due Diligence: Financial, Operational, ICT, HR and Commercial
  • Investment and Business Case Support
  • Upside / Synergy Analysis and Execution
  • (Post) Carve-in and Merger Support
  • Debt / Capital Structuring Support and Negotiations
  • Operational and Support Organisation Optimisation
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Henk Roerdink on September 21st

BCM involved as advisor to De Hoge Dennen Capital (Eszet Handelsgroep)

Private equity firm De Hoge Dennen acquired a majority stake in Eszet Handelsgroep and Bold Capital Management was involved as advisor

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