Buy side & Financing Support

Is your organisation preparing to make a series of add-on acquisitions to achieve accelerated growth? Making one acquisition can be complex, acquiring multiple assets over time or all at once can be even more complex. Especially when business needs to go on while integrating these acquisitions and transforming your organisation to the new reality. Is your team experienced in efficiently and effectively executing all these tasks involved? The team at Bold Capital Management brings many years of hands-on experience supporting corporates and private equity firms in buy-and-build and integration support.


How can we support?


  • Buy-side Due Diligence: Financial, Operational, ICT, HR and Commercial
  • Investment and Business Case Support
  • Upside / Synergy Analysis and Execution
  • (Post) Carve-in and Merger Support
  • M&A Execution, incl. management of legal advisors and negotiations
  • Debt / Capital Structuring Support and Negotiations
  • Operational and Support Organisation Optimisation
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Klaas Wagenaar on February 13th

13-week cash flow forecast key for financial dashboard

It’s time to have a 13-week cash flow forecast as the central instrument on your dashboard! When starting to learn how to pilot an aircraft, it’s all about watching what’s going on outside the cockpit or flying by Visual Flying Rules (VFR), learning how to adapt your steering in relation to the horizon.

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