Does your organisation need to deliver the synergies and integrate an acquisition? Active portfolio management is for many companies not day-to-day business, and the specific skill-set needed for the successful integration of businesses after an acquisition are generally not fully available within the company. However to deliver the synergies and create value after an acquisition a smooth integration is essential, while keeping focus on business-as-usual.


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  • • Post-deal integration planning
  • • Program Management Office (PMO) set-up and support
  • • Hands-on program management
  • • Subject matter expertise
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Inge Ligthart on June 18th

Outsourcing : opportunity or threat

At a certain point, most companies face the choice of whether or not to outsource their IT, HR or finance processes to a shared service centre (SSC). It’s important to ask several questions before proceeding

Tijs Rokers on December 20th

You don’t need to aim for the gold to be a winner

Google, Spotify, AirBnB, Facebook: all companies that are seen as winners in the current economy and mostly people see them as companies that are top of the bill in the area of data. Which is true, but .........

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