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As product life-cycles will become shorter, price erosion will be inevitable. It is necessary to reduce the cost price by operational excellence and by product innovation to maintain the profitability and market position. A strong brand and market position help in the negotiations with customers. As products will be more personalized, batch sizes will reduce. Also, the collaboration in the supply chain becomes more important to strengthen the innovation power and market position

As outsourcing for end manufacturers increases globally, they select a preferred number of suppliers who produce high tech modules and subassemblies. Retailers in the food industry select dedicated manufacturers to secure good quality, service, price and predictability by working together more closely.

Manufacturing companies tend to change their business model from build-to-print to build-to-order to realize more added value, making them less vulnerable and create the possibility to shift towards the end manufacturer. Most successful companies create a flexible layer in production capacity and personnel to cover cyclical fluctuations.

BCM has extensive experience with these situations and analyses your supply chain processes and costs, manufacturing and sourcing strategy, advices and executes improvement programs to achieve the necessary changes.