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The recent negative development of the oil price and the forecasted financial trough in the oil-price dependent sectors for several years to come, has hit the off shore service companies badly. After many years of double digit growth, management boards are confronted with bank debt serviceability challenges caused by negative cash flows and structural working capital issues. Serious restructuring measures are necessary to prepare these type of companies to coop with the business and financial challenges to come. 

These type of situations calls for external restructuring and debt advisory expertise such as BCM’s partner network, to make these companies supported by its (financial) stakeholders, ready for the challenging years to come.

Energy companies in the Netherlands are confronted with on one hand an energy market making the transition from coal and gas generated energy to renewable generated energy and on the other hand a market in which the network (regulated) activities are split from the delivery and generated (non-regulated) activities. Energy companies are in a fierce competition to win new and retain current customers, as well as a constant race to make their back office more efficient. BCM has a proven track record in assisting energy client’s in optimizing their back office and selling off non-core activities.