As technology changes are here to stay and the TMT sector is, probably more than any other, best characterized with “eat or be eaten” high growth cycles, down-turns, acquisitions and divestments are a given. As such dealing with strategic alliances, technology savviness, multi-level sales and marketing strategies in a constant flux are a necessity. 

Realizing that creating a strong organisation with the ability to move and adopt to such an environment and building an equal strong support organization – whether it being Finance, Supply Chain, IT, HR or Legal – is key.

BCM has successfully helped customers with strategic repositioning, acquisition processes from quick scan up to realizing actual integration and synergy effects. We have delivered tangible improvements in supply chain, procurement and other back office functions for our clients.

Since 2016 we work for and with healthcare institutions in the Netherlands. Healthcare organizations have to deal with an aging population, economic challenging environments, public scrutiny with regard to deployment of people, cost and housing. At the same time the fast changing technology landscape and the ever increasing need to efficiency and effectiveness provides a strong basis for BCM to fit well into the healthcare sector.

Our business sense and attitude, combined with the experience gained in the healthcare industry and the strong alliances with partners in the healthcare industry enable us to operate, sometimes a-typical, but effective in this environment.