Business Digital Solutions

Executives who base their decisions on historical facts and trends convince their stakeholders that their decision-making process is fundamentally sound rather than based on gut feel or even luck.

More importantly, using structured data and analysis will convince the organisation that the company is “in control” and able to take the right decisions. This creates trust and motivates staff within the organisation to work towards common goals and (over)achieve them.

BCM’s Business Digital Solutions’ services are aimed to support executives and managers in their decision-making process and to provide the organisation with the acceleration of reliable processing of data. Using available data (including relevant unstructured data like text and video in social media and the internet) in a structured manner is one of the biggest challenges of companies nowadays. Often the data is available but using the data in a structured and timely manner is often too expensive and sometimes technically challenging.


Our in-depth sector knowledge and ability to review and analyse matters across all disciplines of an organisation do make us a suitable partner for management. This is further strengthened by our seasoned team members that typically have held senior level.

What makes us really tick is that we actually want to work together with your organization, management and staff. We will do your analysis based upon your data. To deliver a sound analysis that is sound, broad and realistic.

Financial, Commercial, Operational & HR due diligence

Assisting clients with their investment in or sale of a company / business unit through due diligence services executed by financial, commercial, operational and HR professionals, who have proven on the job experience.

Creating added value to our clients by identifying the (dis)synergies and cost saving opportunities as well as being able to implement these is a core competence of BCM.

Customer Tailored Modelling

Preparing financial models to simulate upside and downside scenario’s as well as simulate the impact of acquisitions/investments on future profitability and cash flows and financial covenants greatly improves the decision-making process and improves the predictability of these decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Using your data to make proper predictions of how your customer, market, etc. will develop, is a useful and essential tool in surviving in the world of rapid development of data-driven technology. BCM is able to assist you to select the right models, develop, train and deploy these models and make sure that your business is actually using them. Providing you with a competitive edge over your competitors.