Human factor

People are making your organisation, their behaviour, commitment, drive and customer focus makes the difference.

It is essential that your organisation has a fit for purpose workforce and business support functions at every development stage (upsizing, downsizing, M&A) – the right people with the right skills and attitude at the right place, on time and at the right cost level. 

In today's world with: an increasing war for talent, studies that indicate that close to 50% of all jobs will disappear over the next 25 years and new jobs, which we don't even know, will arise; those companies that address the human factor in all aspects of their business will be the winners. 

Are you equipped to address these challenges:

  • Do you have a common set of shared values?
  • Is your management ready, connected and locked in with your strategy?
  • Do you know how to handle change management programs adequately and with ful support of your people?



Shared values

To fully address the opportunities and challenges an organisation faces in todays world it is key to address both the “hard” and “soft” side of an organisation. The McKinsey 7S model (almost 50 years old) explains that in more detail. Elements like an organizational structure and system, in combination with style and staff mix defines the shared values of an organisation.

It is your shared values that determines your ability to attract, recruit and retain staff as well as your outside expore and ability to succeed.

Management readiness

Companies nowadays are frequently confronted with M&A processes, either as acquirer or when being acquired. Data shows that keeping your key team intact is not a given, on the contrary.

A clear strategy, a convincing story and a true sense of your management strength is vital in succeeding in those circumstances.

Change Management

There are numerous change and program management methods (Kotter/Lewin) and yes good program management has a value in delivering success but the key elements in driving a successful change management program are:

  • ownership and commitment to change in your organisation 
  • ability to focus your organisation on a prioritized set of changes
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