Operational & financial readiness

Operational and financial readiness is a key part for any successful restructuring and/or transformation programme.

BCM has conducted many restructuring and business recovery projects. In these situations typically, time is limited and cash is tight; the focus is on both the big picture and the smaller details, from an operational and financial perspective. Our team develops a sound restructuring plan together with management, that brings confidence and trust for all stakeholders involved. But most important, BCM actively participates in the efficient and effective execution of the restructuring plan.

By numerous clients BCM was brought in with the request to assist to “further optimise the organisation”. These requests are most of the time driven by a lack of revenue growth or margin improvement. In even so many cases, this didn’t just mean taking a proper look at the organisation chart. It means a thorough analysis of the strategy, structure, processes, reward systems and people in the organisation. Together with management we analyse the discrepancies between the various elements, identify the areas for improvement and work on preparing and executing the plans to become a strong, agile organisation that is fit for future success.


Business models develop at the speed of light

As the technological developments go faster and faster and new business models develop at the speed of light, many mid-sized privately or publicly held corporates get into the position where their business needs a bold transformation to enable future growth and profitability. In many cases it is not the external development as such that brings these companies in this position; in our experience the root causes are in many cases internal, such as bureaucracy, the lack of front-line empowerment and the inability to experiment. BCM is a seasoned and savvy partner for the management board to analyse, advice and execute meaningful business transformational programmes.

The critical importance of pacing change

Only a stunning 23% of the reorganisations deliver some value, while 10% cause real damage to the company, according to McKinsey.

This underlines the critical importance of pacing change; according to IMD Professor Stéphane J.G. Girod “Restructuring takes up to 4 years to
deliver a positive outcome, so wait at least 5 years. But 35% of companies restructure more often than that.

Based on the data above companies could conclude that reorganisations and/or restructurings should not be conducted at all. We all know that that is not an option. What is an option though is to carefully and pragmatic, consider, prepare and execute such programs diligently and with the right level of executive bandwidth.


Optimising your business support

When companies have gone through a period of strong growth, albeit autonomous or through acquisitions, we normally see that the development of the corporate backbone (the support functions within the organisation) lacks behind.

We have several partners with a strong focus on optimising your business support function with a proven quality improvement and cost optimisation track record.

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