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Does your organisation wants  to initiate a (digital) transformation? Businesses and its processes, systems, structure are changing rapidly, data (both structured as unstructured) is more and more available and becoming a commodity. Organisations are continuously transforming and demanding. Transformation and optimisation programs are coming to age, specialists are needed to guide and support you in your transformational and data journey


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  • (Operational) fit for purpose
  • Program management
  • Business Support Optimisation
  • (Post) Carve-out Support
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data & Digitalisation Solutions
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Harold Roelofs on July 3rd

Supply chain improvement: Bold’s fact- and data-based approach

Very often, supply chain issues become apparent in poor customer service levels, with customer complaints, missing or poor forecasts, the wrong or too much stock, inefficient production lines, too many change-overs, inadequate production and/or stock planning, or processes that are too labour-intensive. There often also seems to be a disconnect between the marketing & sales and the operations departments, even though everyone is trying really hard. If this is the case and if, at the same time, there’s a lack of adequate (tactical and operational) management information, it’s time to step aside and review your supply chain from a different, Bolder angle.

Jeroen van der Neut on March 7th

Comprehensive communication, an essential part of any successful transformation

Comprehensive communication is an essential part of any successful transformation and, as such, I’d like to share some best practices which, in my opinion, will help every executive to ‘get it right’.

Tijs Rokers on December 20th

You don’t need to aim for the gold to be a winner

Google, Spotify, AirBnB, Facebook: all companies that are seen as winners in the current economy and mostly people see them as companies that are top of the bill in the area of data. Which is true, but .........

Klaas Wagenaar on March 6th

Human Factor as the contributor to value creation

It’s time to embrace the Human Factor as the contributor to value creation, rather than seeing it as a cost or cash-out item! What makes employees different from financial stakeholders? Employees are the “brains and the muscles that make the company run” while financial stakeholders provide the means for the company’s value creation.

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