Bold Data Solutions – a new Bold initiative by Bold Capital Management

During one my previous assignment as interim-CEO, I asked one of our Bold-guys to do some data analysis for me. Reason being that we were considering various scenarios to restructure and transform the business form loss-making into a sustainable profitable company. Our Bold-guy did some data mining and created very sophisticated analysis and reports, which turned the world upside down among many of the seniors in the management team.

I am pretty sure we are making margin with these product market combinations and never with the others” was a saying by many of the veterans. Sounds familiar I assume? Suddenly this frequently used statement to avoid discussion and/or change, got a whole different meaning. For the first time ever, the management team was confronted with facts and figures they never had seen, didn’t know it existed, took them by greatly by surprise and made some of them even ashamed. The sad thing is, that all this data was available, ready for proper use, but nobody bothered to look!

Long story short, we were able to turn this business successfully around in a relative short period of time, by convincing and mobilising the team with fact-based analysis and conclusions, allowing the people who led the change to select the right path and to take the extra mile and go for it!

This and other recent examples let us decide to invest and set up Bold Data Solutions. Please check our new website at

We were very fortunate that Tijs Rokers decided to join us as the Bold Data Solutions practise leader supported with strategic advice by (big) data doctor Egge van der Poel. With these two-top notch seasoned data science practitioners on board, we firmly believe that Bold Data Solutions will not only enrich our clients with state of the art data analysis and conclusions, but together with the team of Bold Capital Management will provide the profound basis for sound, successful and timely executed transformation programs.

I invite you to become DATAFIED by Bold Data Solutions!

Klaas Wagenaar