Like most of us, you are probably looking forward to a well-deserved holiday. A time away from the office, to spend with family or friends. Whether it is abroad, or within your own country. You probably already made your holiday plans months ago. 

Holiday Blues – Scan // Advise // Optimise

The anticipation of looking for a destination, and making the booking, is half the fun. As your holiday draws nearer, your mind will begin to wander off with happy holiday thoughts more and more often. When you’re all set to go, you realise that there’s some practicalities you must take care of first.

Pre-holiday car check-up

Before setting off to your holiday destination, running a pre-holiday car check-up is a smart thing to do. A flat tyre, or a malfunctioning AC wasn’t all that great back home. When it happens abroad, it can seriously ruin your holiday.

There are a couple of things to check, such as brakes and tyres, oil levels, the water and cooling system, lights and electrical systems, and of course your safety equipment and (insurance) paperwork.

In a nutshell, your local car repair shop follows this procedure:

  • Scan: check all components mentioned above
  • Advise: discuss with you how to tackle any shortcomings
  • Optimise: repair and adjust where needed

Does your company need a check-up?

This pre-holiday car check-up analogy perfectly sums up what we encounter at our clients.  Over the past 18 months, it has resulted in thorough corporate backbone discussions with private equity firms, shareholders, banks, and other stakeholders surrounding businesses.

At Bold Capital Management (BCM), we often work on Transaction or Transformation projects for clients who have changed over the recent years. Whether it’s due to M&A activities, divestments, changes in product or service offerings, evolving markets, or a variety of other reasons. This often sparks a desire for a strategic corporate positioning, with adequate product or service offerings, and a robust sales approach.

Having said that, however, their corporate backbone may be lagging in adjusting to the new situation. Or worse even, it’s fractured into different set-ups and processes.

Does that sound somewhat familiar?

Where do you go for your company check-up?

We have decided to start a new initiative: Bold Support Optimisation (BSO). At BSO, we focus on improving companies’ backgrounds in four distinct areas: Finance, IT, HR, and Legal.

We noticed that companies need a comprehensible approach involving a quick “as is” scan of the situation, followed by an unambiguous advice on the “to be” destination. This will benefit companies both large and small in optimising their corporate backbone processes. Regaining control, reducing costs, improving the turn-around of processes, and a lower risk profile.

BSO focuses on the same three topics as your local garage:

  • Scan: check your corporate backbone
  • Advise: lay out possible improvement strategies
  • Optimise: help you and your team to optimise and implement the agreed advice 

Gerrit van Munster