you don't need to aim 

for the gold

to be a winner

Google, Spotify, AirBnB, Facebook: all companies that are seen as winners in the current economy and mostly people see them as companies that are top of the bill in the area of data. Which is true, but what is not true is that you have to be like Google or the others to be successful.

I’ve worked with a lot of companies that try to copy the success of Google and Spotify. ‘Let’s work agile as they do at Spotify!’ ‘Let’s buy the most state-of-the-art technology to be a leader in this market.’ They allocate a lot of budget to spend on the new way of working and to invest in the best available technology. They try to hire the best specialists and make this work. But this often fails, because there is no good plan. Just copying a leader in the market isn’t a strategy. You don’t become the best by copying others, you become the best by being unique and be able to execute your ideas.

Or as F. Scott Fitzgerald puts it: ‘Genius is the ability to put into effect what’s on your mind.’

The truth is, there are much more companies not named Google then there are. And you don’t have to be Google to make money. There is still so much to earn by just working with what you already have. Try to find more value in your current data, instead of building a state of the art data-platform. Find the little hidden gem in your current market, instead of looking for expansion. And in the area of data, a small insight, not created by machine learning or other data scientific-processes, can already be a game changer.

The reason why I decided to join Bold Data Solutions is that I want to work with companies that actually need to change. In the past, I most of the time worked with companies that had so much budget and resources, that change was an option, not a necessity. This most of the times ended up in a big political mess where it was hard to have any impact.

In working with less known, but still quite large companies, I believe I can have much more impact and be able to deliver change, by making better use of existing data. Don’t start with buying the best IT-solutions, start by seeing what is already there, keep what’s good and improve what needs to be improved. Don’t start right away by building difficult machine-learning-models that are hard to explain to the people who interact with the customer on a day-to-day-basis. If somebody doesn’t understand how something works, chances are great that he will never use it, unless he has a high level in trust in the deliverer of the solution. And trust is something that you cannot buy, but has to be earned step by step.

I like working with people, guide them trough the field of endless possibilities and point out to them what’s useful and what’s not. I like to begin with small steps, creating new insights and new ways to look at the same old company. Without the intention to change things dramatically from day one. People will resist instant change: take them by the hand, take little steps and then at some point look back and see how much has changed. And that will surprise them.

I believe that Bold Data Solutions is going to help a lot of companies to take the right steps in the ever-changing (data-)environment. And I am proud to be a part of Bold and that together with you we will create sustainable and future-proof companies where people love to work.

Can we help you with this, too?  

Tijs Rokers