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BCM at a glance

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BCM has worked in the past 4 years for many mid-sized corporates and portfolio companies sponsored by lenders and private equity in the Netherlands.

BCM clients have an average revenue range from circa EUR 100M up to 800M, operate in most cases internationally and have a capital structure which requires constant monitoring and adjusting to be in line with market developments.

BCM’s service offering combined with its modus operandi ‘analyse, advice and execute’, is a unique selling point which differentiates itself from advisory firms like Big4, strategy houses and freelance pools.

BCM’s service offering is covering with its partner network a wide variety of areas of expertise, benefiting from varied and highly relevant ’been there, done it’ professional backgrounds.

BCM client’s portfolio enables a selected go-to-market sector model in combination with a suite of horizontal service offerings.

BCM’s carefully selects ‘been there, done it’ partners and associates and is able to augment and manage multiple programs, operating in the Netherlands or abroad.

BCM’s mission is to become the seasoned and savvy partner to support the management board with the analysis, advice and execution of meaningful recovery and transformational programs.

Meet our team of seasoned professionals.

The team who has been there and has done it, the team with an attitude, the team with the ability to analyse, advice and execute.